Energy efficiency is a very important plant parameter that is often omitted and/or not considered in the early stage of process design. Nevertheless, energy is usually one of the biggest contributors to the plant bill and has an immense impact on the product cost. Moreover, global energy demand, reduction of carbon emissions and climate change suggests that this impact is likely to increase in the future.

When it comes to energy efficiency and energy management, Maturus Optimi provides the following services:

1. Energy analysis studies suitable for both new processes and already running plants. These studies typically entail:

-          Evaluation of the energy status of a process or a multi plant site

-          Process thermal targets & energy performance

-          Identification of major energy saving opportunities

-          Maximizing process energy efficiency  through the process parameter adjustments

-          Maximizing process energy efficiency  through the process design modifications

2. Heat and process integration studies typically performed for already developed process concepts, they include:

-          Pinch analysis

-          Maximizing heat recovery of the process

-          Building optimal heat exchanger network (HEN) of the process

-          Reducing operating cost of the plant

3. Utility optimization, planning and scheduling

-          Plant or plant site utility network analysis

-          Optimization of utility production (demands, sources and energy)

-          Utility site improvement studies

-          Utility site what if studies: new facilities, capacity changes, energy contract changes, etc.




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