Utility optimization of a large industrial park

Client: JV Essent and USG Utilities (The Netherlands) Chemelot Park

Objective: Tool development for planning and optimization of utility production in a large chemical park 

Scope of work: Our client is producing and supplying over 30 chemical plants with heating steam of different pressure levels: high, medium and low. To optimize their day-to-day operation the company needs to consider a many variables and restrictions: daily demands, electricity and natural gas contracts/prices, number of steam boilers in operation, steam blow off amount, S/G turbines in operation, etc.  For this purpose, a complex model based optimizer is developed that allows plant staff to plan more accurately their daily operation and minimize steam production cost and losses. As a result of this up to 5% of reduction in operating costs, on a day-to-day basis, has been achieved. Furthermore, the tool is fit to conduct strategic studies which include implementation of new and more efficient equipment (boilers, turbines), switching to different utility contracts, planning revamps, etc.