Cost estimating and techno-economics is one of our core expertise, developed over a period of 25 years. Key to a good estimate is the quality of the scope. Over the years we have developed a wealth of experience in reviewing project scopes and helping our clients completing their scopes because we recognize that the scope should be in line with the level of the expected accuracy of the estimate. We follow international guidelines of the AACE (American Association of Cost Engineers) that are recognized by most companies, worldwide.

Worth mentioning is that our estimating specialization is in the early phase of project/process development. In AACE terminology these are level 5 and 4 estimates. Typically, these are not done by larger engineering companies but rather by owner companies during process development. Since little information is known (besides main equipment and possibly roughly ultimate plant size and location) these are highly specialized estimates. The importance of these estimates is often undervalued, although these estimates often decide whether or not a process can be further developed (which may take years!).

A type of estimate that is rather unique for Maturus Optimi is done in the earliest stages of research imaginable. Only chemistry and possibly a number of routes are being investigated but no technological scope is known. Our experience and knowledge combined with the set of expert tools we use provide the opportunity to discover the most promising routes (in terms of technology and economics) and guide our clients research saving valuable time and budget. Why spend years researching when we can scale up your process to commercial size at the earliest stage possible and give you an advantageous edge towards your competitors. To learn more about our early phase approach click here

Another speciality we have developed is the detailed approach in the relocation of project data. Suppose you want to build a plant on a site in the Netherlands and want to compare this with building it elsewhere in the world. Our methodology has proven very efficient and reliable over the years. To learn more about location factors click here.

Maturus Optimi has years of experience in project scoping and preparing capital cost estimates of greenfield, brownfield and revamp projects across industries.

Our state of the art tools are expert estimating systems that are customized by our experiences. They contain extensive libraries of process equipment costs, construction materials pricing and engineering & labour rates for major building location worldwide.   

  • Capital cost estimating 
  • Inside battery limit and Outside battery limit investments 
  • (Re)location factors (learn more 
  • Independent review of cost estimates for Owner companies and EPC contractors
  • Project risk analysis and contingency estimate
  • Project financial modelling and analysis (IRR, NPV)

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